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Bonus Zinc Zn/Co/Ni Alloy Plating

Bonus Zinc Plating System (Zn/Co plating) adopts unique plating additives which reduces oxidization of zinc by 8~10 times to perform outstanding corrosion resistance. It is 8~10 times better than conventional zinc plating and 2~4 times better than Zn/Fe or Zn/Ni platings. Salt Spray Test (SST PER ASTM B117) can last up to as many as 6000 hours before red rust appears. It could be good for ACQ treated lumbers in U.S.A. or Europe. Bonus Zinc has outstanding anti-corrosion performance as being one of the very best in the world. It is more cost effective than Zn/Ni plating. Bonus Zinc has very well acceptance in the industry.
Besides Hexavalent Chrome Passivation, we also provide Trivalent Chrome and Chrome Free solutions to meet global environmental protection trend. The salt spray and acid rain test performances of Bonus Zinc can be much improved by using Nanometer Top Coats as passivation. It is very likely to replace some stainless steel markets and can well be “An epoch-making revolution of the Electroplating Industry”.
Product Features:
Bonus 1:Outstanding Corrosion Protection
Bonus zinc performs outstanding corrosion protection, 8~10 times better than conventional zinc plating (250-300 hours, yellow chromate) and 2~4 times better than Zn/Fe or Zn/Ni platings. Plating thickness at 5μ, SST >1000 hours; 8μ, SST >2000 hours; 24μ, SST >6000 hours.
Bonus 2:Better Acid Resistance
Bonus zinc can reach up to 6 cycles Kesternich test (DIN 50018) at 8μthickness, 2 times better than conventional zinc.
Bonus 3:Better Metal Distribution
Bonus zinc provides better throwing power. Ratio of high/low current density area = 1.5:1, compared to conventional zinc = 4:1.
Bonus 4:Better Ductility, Excellent Bonding
Bonus zinc deposit has better ductility, no zinc flakes or blisters even after plating thickness of over 20μ.
Bonus 5:Good Uniform Brightness
Suitable for small and large parts, e.g., fasteners, metal parts and computer casings, etc..
Bonus 6:Perfect Combination with Nanometer Top Coat and Magni Engineering Coating
Salt spray test (ASTM B117) to red rust can reach up to 6000~10000 hours. Kesternich Test
(DIN50018) can reach 15~50 cycles. Bonus zinc can also serve as the base for Magni
engineering coating.
Bonus 7: Good ultra violet climate resistance.
Bonus 8: Good for ACQ treated lumbers widely used in USA and Europe.
Bonus 9 : Hydrogen embrittlement free process .
Bonus 10 : No recess head fill in case of screws which prevails in Dacromet, Ruspert, and various other dip coatings.
Bonus 11 : Trivalent chrome or chrome free passivations available.

Bonus Zinc ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test

Zinc Thickness (μ)

NSS Red Rust (hr)
600 hrs
1000 hrs
2000 hrs
3000 hrs
4000 hrs
5000 hrs
6000 hrs

Comparison of Bonus Zinc and Other Surface Treatments


Coating thickness

NSS testing

Kesternich Test

Conventional Zinc
> 8μ+ sealer
250 hrs
1500 hrs
> 20μ
1500 hrs
10 cycles
> 20μ
2500 hrs
15 cycles
Hot Dipped Zinc
> 40μ
1500 hrs
Mechanical Zin
> 40μ
1000~2000 hrs
Zn/Fe Alloy Plating
> 15μ
800~1000 hrs
Zn/Ni Alloy Plating
> 15μ
1200~1500 hrs
Bonus Zinc
600~6000 hrs
3~15 cycles
Bonus Zinc + Nano Coat
+ 5μNano
1000~10000 hrs
10~50 cycles

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